Dual-frequency QUANTUM Concrete scanner

QUANTUM MINI is a hand-held scanner for inspection of walls, bridges and other concrete slabs, which allows the operator to display at once two specific frequencies of 1GHz and 2GHz. 

Our technology, issued from the very recent QUANTUM ground penetrating radar, integrates at the same time a 1GHz antenna, allowing to display high resolution images at low depth, and a 2GHz antenna, that will focus on very small objects at very low depth, but with a very high resolution.

The QUANTUM MINI is rugged, simple to use, wireless, and offers an ideal range of frequencies, perfect for exhaustive studies on any surfaces.

It is not necessary anymore for the operator to make multiple passes and try to see which antenna is more adapted to a diagnostic, as the QUANTUM MINI will immediately and simultaneously display the two standard frequencies used on the field, on a user-friendly software.