Tri-frequency QUANTUM GPR

The ultimate solution in terms of buried networks detection. This unique technology will help the operator to detect any target underground; even undetected networks with conventional electromagnetic locating methods, like PE pipes because not conductive ; QUANTUM can find it. 

Our QUANTUM GPR, the unique radar that can display three frequencies at the same time, allows the operator to view on the same screen different depths with different resolutions: 

  • a high frequency antenna (1GHz) that will focus on small objects (like fiber optics, cables). 

  • a medium frequency antenna (500MHz) that will focus on standard buried utilities (like pipes and cables)

  • and a low frequency antenna (250MHz) that will focus on deeper but bigger objects (like sewer lines, tunnels) 

Thanks to the rugged Getac tablet supplied, you can easily edit data, zoom in, zoom out, raise the sensitivity, the gain on the picture to improve the display, or simply choose the frequencies you are mostly interested in.

The antenna configuration is automatically done, in order to simplify to the maximum the measurements collection on each new job site. Clearly the best-seller of our range of products.

GPS acquisition software and 3D options are available.