250Mhz Q25C Ground Penetrating Radar

Latest generation of GPR available, its architecture is based on the new tri-frequency QUANTUM system. 

The Q25C embarks the Seeker Spr 250MHz technology, and offers the operator a solution that benefits of the most recent technology developments, all at an affordable cost. 

The kart is similar to the QUANTUM, with large wheels and beveled antenna to cross all obstacles. Supplied with a rugged Getac tablet, the operator will use a 250MHz antenna, ideal for deeper inspections.

The antenna configuration is still automatic, and it is very simple to export data directly to a USB key.

Several optional software modules are available to upgrade the radar later on, or even to boost this unit to a triple frequency QUANTUM system !

It also exists :

  • in 500MHz version : utility locating

  • in 1GHz version : bridge / road inspections